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Body Polishing

Body polishing procedures tend to remove dirt and oil buildup. Our Body polishing treatment helps to stimulate the cells to produce fresh, healthy layers of skin. Many claim that Body Polishing has numerous therapeutic benefits. Being a bride you need to look your best and feel your best. Hence, this treatment becomes an obvious choice. It will exfoliate your dead cells and reveal fresh, soft and flawless skin.

It can be done in a spa or even at home. After the polishing session the abrasive material is rinsed off from the body and is completed with an application of lotion, cream or oil. A body polish can be a popular body treatment that will exfoliates and hydrates skin, leaving it smooth and soft.

What are the results of body polishing?

A body polish typically is given in a wet room, which includes a tile floor as well as a drain. The therapist may provide you with disposable underwear. You will have to lie with your face-down on the massage desk covered with a towel, a sheet or perhaps a thin piece of plastic, or on the special damp table with a Vichy shower overhead.