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Modeling Makeup

Sitting in a makeup chair getting dolled up by a professional makeup artist is a blast. Getting paid to do it is even better! Cosmetic and makeup modeling is a perfect way to gain experience, network with makeup artists and photographers, to make some money and to build your portfolio. Makeup artists, cosmetic lines and photographers are always seeking models for their photo and video shoots. Here you will find the latest cosmetic and makeup model casting calls and auditions.
Here are 10 things I do as a makeup artist to make models look beautiful for the runway:

1. I cleanse their face.
2. I massage the face with moisturizer.
3. I use heavy-duty moisturizer on their skin.
4. I scrape their lips to slough off dead skin cells.
5. I layer on multiple foundations and concealers.
6. I remove eye goop with precision.
7. I monitor nose-blowing. (Seriously!)
8. I slather various parts of the face in lip balm.
9. I cover their body in makeup and lotion.toes. We make sure any and all exposed flesh looks perfect.
10. The touch-ups are un-ending.